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78 Beautiful Vietnamese Boy Names and Meanings

Vietnamese Boy Names

As a parent, we all have it on the front of our minds that a name tells great stories about our foundations, presents, and future. They are the only inheritance we take to our graves.

The choosing of a name is influenced by several factors, including culture, religion, beliefs, era, etc. A Vietnamese person regards a name as a very sacred part of our souls. It is compulsory to adopt Vietnamese names when applying for a Vietnamese nationality.

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Frequently, two Vietnamese boys’ names might be combined for new and special meaning, creating a more positive and meaningful approach. While ushering in, good luck for the life of your baby boy.

Most of these names are also regarded as Chinese names and used in Asia countries. Below is a comprehensive list of popular Vietnamese baby boy names which would undoubtedly help parents select the perfect name for their boy child:

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The name ‘An’ refers to one who is gracious by nature. It is pronounced as ‘un,’ and the name was derived from Chinese and means’ ‘silent’ or ‘peace’

Anh Dung

This is a simple Vietnamese name that means ‘heroism’ and ‘strength’ and is perfect for a boy child as it is given to boy children that are expected to possess a heroic character.


This name means ‘three’ or ‘third’.


In Vietnamese culture, the name ‘Bach’ refers to a mountain tree. The name also possesses Jewish root and German root, meaning ‘someone who dwells by the stream’ in Jew. From its German root, it stands for ‘stream’.


The name has two origins; Chinese and Vietnamese roots. In Vietnamese, the name means ‘protection or security’. In Chinese, it means ‘treasure’ and ‘praise’.


This is a unique Vietnamese name given to a seventh-born son.

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This name is of Vietnamese origin, and it means ‘piece average’.


‘Buu’ in Vietnamese means’ principle guide’.


‘Ca’ is an exotic unisex name given to the eldest child or the firstborn child.


The name is pronounced as ‘KWA-ONG”. It is of Vietnamese origin, and it means ‘flourishing’ or ‘healthy’. A name perfect for a baby boy.


This name stands for ‘branch’ or ‘man with a purpose’ when interpreted in Vietnamese. But in Chinese, it means ‘Life force’ or ‘energy.’ In the Modern Greek language, it is the twenty-second alphabet.


This is a fierce Vietnamese name meaning ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior’.


This name means ‘righteousness’.


The meaning of this name is ‘great’. The name also possesses a Korean origin.


This is a popular name with Asiatic and Indo-European roots, and the name means ‘prestige’ or ‘valuable’. It has a variant spelling of ‘Danh’.


This is among the famous Vietnamese baby names for a baby boy. It means ‘summit’.

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This is not an uncommon name in the Vietnamese language. The meaning of the name is ‘moral’ or ‘good’.


This is a Vietnamese rooted name that means ‘courage’. Quite bold enough for your baby boy. The name is also used as a Vietnamese surname or alongside other family names.


This name means ‘virile’.


Gia is a unisex Vietnam name. Though it is not so common among male names but in female names, it means ‘family’. Its variants spellings include Gya, Gyah, or Giah.


This name originated from old times and has a Hebrew root. It means ‘gift from God’. The name is pronounced as ‘YAA-HNG’ in the South and ‘ZAA-HNG’ in the North. The name is popular among Vietnamese parents.


This name represents ‘ocean’ or river’.


This is a zoan-type of name that means ‘sea lion’.


This is a typical Vietnamese name that simply means ‘good’.


The name has a Vietnamese root or origin and belonged to Emperor Le Hien Tong. It means ‘kind’, ‘quiet’, and ‘gentle’. Some Historians say it possesses a Japanese heritage.


The name is of Vietnamese origin, and it means ‘respectful”.

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This is a name of beauty or attraction; it means ‘gold’.


This name means ‘studious’, a manly name that is perfect for a male child. 


This name has a Chinese and Vietnamese origin. ‘Hung’ means ‘hero’ in the Vietnamese language and ‘wonderful’ in Chinese. The name is also familiar in English-speaking countries.


The name is commonly used as a middle name given to a child who is not last but is not the firstborn. ‘Huu’ means ‘middle’. It also has a Taiwanese root.


This name seemly means’ glorious’.


This is the name of hierarchy. The name means ‘older brother’. 


The name means ‘hopeful’.


This name also means ‘gold’ or ‘metal’. It is of Southern Vietnamese origin.


This is a unisex name originating from Vietnam. It means ‘wise counsel’.


This name is also a unisex name that works for both a girl or boy child. It has a Turkish root that means ‘precious stone’ and an Arabian root. In Arabic, it means ‘prince’ and has a variant spelling of Khanh or Khan.

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This baby boy’s name of Vietnam origin means ‘smart’ and ‘quick’.


This is an uncommon name in Vietnamese, and the name means ‘independent’.


This is a unisex Vietnamese name that means ‘pearl’. It is more common among girl names.


‘Long’ is a name that means ‘hair’. It is well known among the familiar names in Vietnam 


This is derivative from the Chinese surname ‘Li’. It is a baby name that suits both a baby boy or baby girl child. It has a root in Northern Vietnam, and it is a Zoan-type of name that means ‘Lion’. A famous figure that possessed this name was Ly Ong Trong, a legendary warrior in Vietnam.


This is a unisex Sino-Vietnamese name that means ‘bright or a clever person.


This name has a meaning that interprets as ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’; it is of Sino-Vietnamese origin.


This is a Vietnamese name that means ‘peel’ or ‘scrapes off.’


This name means ‘herb’.


This is a rare Vietnamese name that means ‘forever.

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Ngu is a word for ‘sleep’ in the Vietnamese language.


The meaning of this name is ‘long life’. It is a rare name of Vietnamese origin.


This is a Vietnamese name that means ‘velvet’.


The name is pronounced ‘OH-WAH-N,’ and in the Vietnamese language, it is ‘ORIOLE,’ which means a type of bird’.


In Vietnamese, the meaning of ‘Phong’ is ‘wind’. The name is an archaic word owned to the Cantonese Chinese word ‘fung’ and ‘feng’ in Mandarin.


This is a unique name in Vietnam; the name means ‘blessings’ or ‘luck’. A perfect name for a parent who’s been waiting long for the arrival of a child.


This name is a Vietnam name and is also spelled as ‘Phuok’. The name means ‘good’.


This name means ‘faithful boy’. 


‘Phoenix’ is what the name stands for in Vietnamese.


The name is pronounced as ‘KWAH-NG,’ and it means ‘clear’, ‘bright’ or ‘brilliant.

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The name ‘Quoc’ means ‘nation’ or ‘country’. It is of Vietnamese origin.


The single syllable name is argued to have originated from so many turfs such as Sweden, China, Thai, and Vietnamese origin. These languages mean different things, but in Vietnamese, this baby boys’ name means ‘gentleman’. 


This is a fit name for a boy and also for a girl child. The name has Korean origin as well as Vietnamese origin. Pronounced as ‘SAH-N’, the name means ‘gentle’ to the Koreans and ‘mountain’ in Vietnam.


Sinh is of Vietnamese origin, and it means ‘birth’, ‘full of life, and ‘blooming’. A name perfect for a boy child that’s full of energy.


This name in the Chinese language means ‘vast’ while in Vietnamese. The name means ‘talented’ and ‘prosperous’.


The name ‘Tam’ is very much employable in cases of numerous blessings. The name is of Vietnamese origin, and it means ‘Eight’.


The name is pronounced as ‘TAH-OO’. It means ‘new’ in Vietnamese, but in Tswana, the name means ‘lion’. Apart from Tswana origin, the name also possesses a Turkish origin.


This is the perfect boy name; the name means ‘Twin’.


This name has both Thai and Vietnamese origins. It is another name that can be used in many births, for instance, a quadruple birth. The name means ‘multiple’.  


A Vietnamese name that means ‘victory’.

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Thian is a Vietnamese name that means ‘smooth’. It is also spelled as ‘Thien’.


This is an important Vietnamese name of Vietnam roots. The name means ‘prosperity’. It can be given to both a girl and boy child.


The meaning of this name is ‘secure’ or ‘complete’.


Trang is of Vietnam origin, and it means ‘honorable’. It is a lovely name to bestow on a male child.


Just like ‘Trang’, Trong is also a name that commands much of the awe feeling. The name means ‘respected’. If you are blessed with twins, you can gift your boys these names as they function better together. 


This name is a name that signifies firmness in character. It means ‘Tree’.


This is a unisex name. It means ‘angel’.


This is a prominent name for boy babies. The name means ‘cloud’ or ‘male’.


This is a Vietnamese name that means ‘completion’.


This name is gifted to male children to show tradition and tell a story of their origin. The name is of Vietnamese origin. It is a short form for ‘Vietnam’. 

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This is a perfect baby boy’s name. It means ‘prosperous’ or ‘developed’.


This is of Southern Vietnamese origin. The name means ‘spring,’ and it is an elegant name for both boys and girls.


Vietnamese boy names are unique names that are primarily abstracts, and they represent personality and quality. However, these names are all unique, stylish, and define a baby’s individuality. With some originating from North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Taiwan, and even share links with Irish names and some Korean boy names. 

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