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Toddler Activity Plan

Toddler Activity Plan

When your toddler has school holidays or is not attending school as yet, it’s quite a task to keep them engaged. I decided on enrolling mine into a summer camp… didn’t quite work for us cause of the constant infections that she kept catching. The weather is to blame as well!! A lot of the kids were in a similar situation.

Whether a working mom or a SAHM, giving quality time to our kids is a challenge, that’s when I decided to devise a fun time-table that’s convenient to me and fun for her!! I am Mukta Basandani, an artist, conduct art workshops, display my work through exhibitions but mostly work from home.

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My 2.5-year-old toddler Kamakshi, is just like any other inquisitive toddler who needs to explore new things all the time!! So here’s the time-table for our home summer camp!!

Exercise and Dance

We start our mornings with exercise. Kids at this age enjoy all sort of exercise, they think it’s a game. We do very simple exercises like toe-touching, brisk walking or running.

After 10 -15 minutes of warm up exercise, we play games like Cricket, Basketball and Hide and Seek. For the next half hour I leave her with her toys and play songs for her.

Her favourite song these days is “ladki beautiful” she loves watching that song and tries to copy all the steps. While she is busy dancing I get some time to make my breakfast.

Art Work

After our bath and breakfast, we do some painting or art work. We do a lot of art activities from material available at home.

Invitations cards, newspapers, magazine, old bottles and the works!! I make cut outs from magazine and make her to paste it on to bottles. We made photo frames by pasting pictures on one side of an invitation card and decorating the other side with flowers.

Simple things like pasting a picture on a glass bottle and filling it up with beads. Looks lovely!!. On a bottle put cello tape randomly and make her paint it, remove the cello tape and you will get a good design.


It’s great to introduce kids to books early on!! My daughter knows all the alphabets now. I give her magazines and I ask her to find alphabets. We use picture story-books. She has learnt few stories and she tries to repeat the story while looking at the pictures.

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Several times, II take her to a book-store like Crosswords and let her explore books.


I am not encouraging gadgets or the television. But occasionally , I do engage her in educational CDs. From which she has learnt alphabets, numbers, rhymes, animals, fruits, vegetables etc. She is allowed to watch it for only half an hour.

For rhymes I just play the audio and she sings them along with the action. Reference: Brainy Babies (set of 12 cds)

Magnetic Upper Case Letters

Since she has learnt all the alphabets now, she enjoys playing with magnetic alphabets. She puts all these magnets on the refrigerator in a proper sequence. While she is doing this I get time to cook my food.

I can keep an eye on her while she is doing so. Since she plays this game everyday, she has started observing alphabets everywhere. When we go shopping or she keeps finding alphabets and reading them loudly.

Garden Time

A great way for them to socialize and burn their energies! Swings, slides and other children are always a delight!

Mom and Kids Play Dates

Play dates is a great way to help them adjust back to school quickly. We do several fun activities during these dates. It’s a great time for moms a well!!

Bedtime Stories

At the end of the day, with all my chores behind me, some quality time is spent reading with her. While reading the story I engage her in a discussion on the characters that are part of the story, how the characters interact with each other, the problem and the resolution of the story.

This is a great time to hear her opinion. It is at this age that their brain is developing the most. Their vocabulary also improves dramatically and most stories convey a meaningful message!!

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