Single Gear Juicer Vs Twin Gear Juicer: Which is Better?

Single Gear Juicer Vs Twin Gear Juicer

Juicing is a wonderful way to get many of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body needs. However, selecting the right juicer can often be confusing.

The most common type of juicers on the market are centrifugal juicers because they are relatively inexpensive and can juice fruits and vegetables very quickly.

The problem with these types of juicers are that they work by using sharp blades rotating at high speeds to cut up the fruits and vegetables in order to extract the juice. This causes heat to build up and also allows for oxidation which together can destroy some of the nutrients.

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A better option would be a type of juicer that crushes and squeezes fruits and vegetables to extract the juice.

There are two types of juicers that work in this manner.

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Masticating (Single gear) Juicers

Masticating Juicers on the other hand use a single gear (single auger) to crush and squeeze the fruits and vegetables.

They are comparatively more efficient than centrifugal juicers and are able to extract higher yields of juice from the same amount of fruits and vegetables resulting in drier pulp.

Triturating (Twin gear) Juicers

The other type of juicer is known as a triturating or twin gear juicer. Triturate means to rub or crush into fine particles and this type of juicer uses a two-step process to extract juice.

The first step is to crush fruits and vegetables to break through the cell membrane and release the juices. The second part of the process presses the crushed fruits and vegetables to squeeze out the juice.

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Twin gear (twin auger) juicers operate at much lower speed (80-110 RPM) than single gear-masticating juicers ensuring even less air is trapped in the food and more nutrients being preserved from less heat.

They are more efficient than single gear masticating juicers and provide the driest pulp of all the types of juicers.

Final Thoughts

So when it comes to a single gear juicer versus twin gear juicers which one is better? The answer would have to be the twin gear or triturating juicer.

A masticating juicer is great but the two-step process of a twin gear juicer is able to get even more juice out of the fruits and vegetables you put into it. The twin gear juicer is also able to produce juice with even less oxidation and foaming, resulting in a healthier and better tasting juice.

One thing to keep in mind however is that a twin gear juicer is generally going to be quite a bit more expensive than a masticating or single gear juicer. By the same token a single gear juicer will generally be more expensive than a centrifugal juicer.

This is one of those times in life where you get what you pay for. If you want a higher quality juicer you are going to have to pay more for it.

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Therefore, it’s a good idea to do some comparison shopping and carefully study a number of different options to make sure you are getting the best juicer you can at the best price available. Find the best juicers on amazon

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