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A Comprehensive List of 382 Girl Names That Start With D

382 Girl Names That Start With D

Girl names come in all spellings and meanings, and names that start with D are no different. This article contains over 300 girl names that start with D as well as their meanings.

There are many reasons to consider girl names beginning with D. It could be that you want to match your daughter’s name to your spouse’s or even your name.

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Also, some parents love matching their children’s names, giving it a form of uniformity.

But whether these are your reasons or not, you can’t go wrong with a girl name that starts with D.

This is because D names carry powerful meanings and have been favored by famous and powerful figures throughout history.

Anyway, here is a comprehensive list of girl names that start with D. Feel free to pick one on the list to christen your beautiful damsel.

382 girl names that start with D

NameOriginMeaningD’arcyFrench, Irish, and GaelicDarkDearraAmericanStrong in material matters, determined and stubbornDikiIndianHealthy and wealthyDeasiaEnglishGift from GodDikranouhiAustraliaQueenDabaHebrew and HawaiianKind words and bee swarmDebbieHebrewA bee or a swarm of beesDilekTurkishWishfullDilianaEnglishIdol godDebisaTurkish and CzechGoddess of wineDacioFrenchNobilityDeborahPortuguese, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, and Czech.Bee
DilysWelsh and Englishgenuine, steadfast or valid.
DaenerysEnglishLady of Light or Lady of hope
DimityEnglishA sheer
DimpleEnglish and GermanPothole or small
DaffieGreeklaurel tree
DecyEnglishInfluencer, Freedom Lover, Charisma
DinaEnglish and HebrewFrom the valley
DinagaUnknowngenerous and altruistic
DafnaGreeklaurel tree
DagmarGermany and old NorseDay, daughter and maiden
DeeandraEnglishProtector of men or divine
DinishaHindiGod of wine
DinusaPUNJABILord of the day
DeedeeWelsh and Latinswarthy; broken-hearted, sorrowful;
DagnyNorseNew day
DionaGreekMother of Aphrodite.
DahianaSwedish and ScandinavianValley
DeepaliSanskrit, hindu and IndianRow of lamps or Collection of lamps
DionisGreekGod of wine
DeepikaIndia and NepalFans and light
DionisiaGreekOf dionysus
DainaHebrew, Latvian and LithuanianGod is my judge; song; melody”.
DeianiraGreekMan Destroyer.
DionyzaUnknownPericles, Prince of Tyre’ Wife to Cleon
DairaGreekknowing and informed
DeidraIrishShe Who Chatters.
DiorbhallGaelicForm of dorathy
DaisyEnglish and FrenchDays eye
DeieneSpanishReligious Holiday
DireeGreekominous and fearful
DakinHebrewthe kin of David
DeinaSpanishReligious holiday
DirranArabicVery Gentle and Generous Person.
DakotaUnknownfriend”, “friendly” or “allies”
DeionFrench and Greek“child of heaven and earth”.
DisaNorseFree spirited
DakotahUnknownfriend”, “friendly” or “allies
DivaEnglish and Frenchsomeone deified after death, or Latin deus, a god.
DakshaHindu and hindiThe Earth; The Skilled One; Sati – Wife of Lord Shiva; Earth
DivianaFrench and Italianlight and deity
DalanieOld Frenchfrom the alder grove
DejaGreek, French and Spanishalready or remembrance
DivineOld FrenchGod or a god; addressed to God
DalannaHebrewwoman from Magdala
DejanaHebrewA gift from God
DivinityOld FrenchAct of being divine
DaleOld English, German, and old NorseValley
DalennaAmerican and old Frenchfrom the alder grove
DelanceyFrenchForm lancy
DixieFrench and EnglishTenth
DaleysaSpanish and ItalianDelightful
DiyaArabicLight and glow
DaliaLithuaniaDestiny or fate
DalilahArabic and GreekDelicate
DelbinOld English and IrishGodly friend, bright friend and a proud friend
DobrilaSlavicGoods, property and kindly
DalindaEnglish and GermanNoble serpent
DociaGreekGood thoughts or God’s gift
DalisHebrewDrawing water
DoeGreekGod’s gift
DohnaGerman and old EnglishSwing
DalishaLatinPleasure and delight
DeliaGreekBorn on the island of dalos
DaliyaHebrew and Greekgentle; slender branch, and tendril
DollEnglishGift of God
DolliEnglishThe shares of land in the common field
DallasScottish and EnglishNear Forres
DelightEnglishGives pleasure and advertisement
DoloresSpanishSorrowful, literally, sorrows and pain
DomelaLatinMistress of the home.
DalmaAfrican-Hausalead metal and tin.
DelizaLatinpleasure and delight
DomeleLatinMistress of the home
DalyaHebrewgentle; slender branch and  tendril.
DelleOld GermanNoble kindness
DomiducaBrazil and LatinJunos Surname
DamalisLatin and Greekcalf; to tame; gentle
DellissaLatinpleasure and delight
DomineeFrench and LatinLord
DamaraGreekGentle and Fertility Goddess.
DelmaGermannoble protector
DamarisLatin and Greek “calf; to tame; gentle”.
DelmiraGermanNoble protector
DominiqueFrenchOf the Lord
DeloreSpanish and LatinSorrow
DomitianeLatinBelongs to God
DamayantiHindu/Sanskrit Indiansoothing” and “subduing
Domitilaindo-european > italic >latinhaving been tamed, docile, meek and taming
DameshiaAmerican, French and EnglishUnknown
DonaldaScottish and GaelicWorld mighty
DonataLatinsympathetic feeling of generosity and charity
DamianaGreektame and domesticated
DonatellaItalianGiven by God or beautiful gift
DoneenGaelicA lady
DaminiIndian – HindiLightning; Conquering; and Self-controlled.
DeltaGreekMouth of a river
DelveneOld Greek and LatinDolphin and From Delphi
DoniellaItalianGod is my judge.
DamoselEnglish and FrenchA Damsel; Young Unmarried Woman
DelwynIrishgodly friend; proud friend; and a bright friend.
DonishaItalianA lady
DamyaGreekTo tame
DonlaIrish and Scottishworld mighty” or “brown-haired fighter”
DanaSanskrit, Celtic, Hebrew and Pali,Goddess of fertility, “arbiter” or “God is my judge and generosity.
DonnaItalianlady of the home
DanaeHebrewShe Who Judges.
DanaiahEnglishPeaceful nature.
DemelzaCornishfort on the hill
Donna-MarieItalianA lady
DanalynHebrewA judge
DemetriaGreekfollower of Demeter
DanaraNetherlandsLife’s beauty
DemiLatinShort for “Demetria
DonnicaOld English, Latin, Slavic and Italianmorning star
DanatayaIndianThe one who is pure.
DonyaItalianA lady
DoraGreekA gift
DoralieGreekA gift
DeneseFrenchfollower of Dionysius
DanelleHebrewGod is my Judge
DeneyFrenchfollower of Dionysius
DoreGreekA gift
DeniaEnglish(from the valley; avenged).
DoreathaGreekGod’s gift
DoreliaGreekA gift
DorettaGreekA gift from God
DenimaEnglishStrong clothe
DennaHebrewGlen and Valley.
DanicaSlavic and LatinMorning star
DenverOld French and Old Englishgreen valley
DenyceFrenchDevotee Of Dionysos.
DorisGreekThe sea
DeonaBritish and old Englishvalley; or a church leader
DoritScandinavian, Hebrew and GreekA gift from God
DoritaGreekgift; from Doris; gift; gift of God”.
DorolindaSpanishCombination name composed from Dorotea and Linda
DanifaSlavic and LatinMorning star
DamilolaNigerian-YorubaGod has blessed one with wealth, prosperity and all good things
DanijelaHebrew and FrenchGod is my judge
DerbyEnglishFrom the Deer Park Farm
DoroteyaRussianGod’s gift
DerickaAmericanGifted ruler
DorothyGreekGod’s gift
DeronArmenianBelongs to God
DorrieGreekA gift
DerranWelshA bird
DorteGreekGod’s gift
DannioneEnglishGod is my judge
DerrythHebrewGod’s promise
DorthaGreekGift from God
DervaGaelicHigh Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb or poets child
DanuHindi‘Sweetest, Noisy, High Pitched, and Swift
DoshaGreekGift from God
DanutaHebrewGod has judged, or God is judge.
DovaHebrewA dove
DaraHebrew and Gaelicnugget of wisdom
DesanaIndian and sanskritLonged for
DoveEnglishSymbol of peace
DarachaScottishFrom the oak
DovieAmericanCreated name
DesiraeFrenchMuch desired
DovynnHebrewGod’s promise
DaralisOld EnglishBeloved
DowanhoweeNative AmericanUnknown
DragicaSlavicdear, beloved, and precious.
DesmaGreekPledge bond
DraupnirNorseOdin’s magic ring
DespinaGreekA lady
DreamaAmericanJoyous music
DarchellaHebrew and LatinWarrior, Innovative, and Handsome
Dreda British and old EnglishNoble strength
DestaAfrican – Amharic of EthiopiaJoy and happiness
DreenaGreek and Spanishmanly and virile.
DareesePersian / IranianQueenly
DrewGreekStrong and manly
DariaOld Persian, Latin and ancient Greek“wealthy”, “prosperous” or “maintaining possessions well
DestryEnglishWar horse
DrinaEnglishdefender of mankind.
DariannaGreek and persianmaintains possessions well
DrisanaSanskritSun daughter
DetraEnglishArmy of people
DristiFrenchWar horse
DrucillaItalianMighty and strong
DevakiHindiDark and mother of Krishna.
DrusellaEnglish and Greekfruitful” or “dewy-eyed
DuanaIrish and Gaelicdark and swarthy
DarraNigerian-Yoruba and Hebrewoak, beautiful, maiden, wisdom, lord, well-of, pearl, sovereign, Halo, dove
DevonIrish, celtic and Latinfawn, poet, and divine
DukitaLatinArtist, Careful, and an Influencer
DashaGreekGift of God
DashawnaEnglishGift of God
DevoreFrenchsomeone from Vors
DashayJamaicanstrong in material matters, determined,stubborn,and good business ability.
DulcieSpanishCandy and sweet
DauneScandinavian, German and Old Norse dúnnUnknown
DavanaHindiFlower or fruit
DavedaScottish and HebrewBeloved
DukpeNigerian – YorubaThankGod
DurgaSanskritunattainable and the invincible one
DeyaniraSpanish and Greekdevastating or capable of great destruction
DusanaSlavicspirit or soul
DustineNorse and EnglishThor’s stone
DavidaScottish and HebrewBeloved
DharmishtaHindiLord in Dahma
DuwanBritish and old Englishthe first appearance of light, daybreak
DawnOld Englishthe first appearance of light, daybreak
DiamandaEnglishof high value; brilliant
DiamondGreekPrecious stone
DyandraAmerican and LatinJust
DawnelleBritishthe first appearance of light, daybreak
DiamontinaBritish and Englishof high value; and brilliant”.
DawnettaOld English and Britishthe first appearance of light, daybreak.
DianaGreek, Latin, and Indo-Europeandivine, sky” and “daylight
DianthaGreekDivine flower
DayahHebrewBird of prey
DayaniraTamilDiamond, Genuis, pretty, smart and kind
DicyAfrican-EthopiaQueen mother or pure
DidiGermanwarrior of the people
DiantheGreekFlower of the gods
DaylinAmericanBeautiful day
DidoGreekA virgin
DaylinaEnglishOptimistic, Peacemaker, and Cheerful .
DaysiEnglishA flower
DiellaAlbanianBright or sun related
DanikaSlavic and LatinMorning star
DeaannEnglishValley or church leader
DieuwertjeDutchProtector of the people
DeannaOld Englishvalley or church leader
DaberechukwuNigerian-Igbolean on God or depend on God
DideoluwakusidedeNigerian-YorubaThe coming of the Lord is at hand.
DumebiNigerian-IgboGod lives with me
DisemiNigerian – IjawGod’s work or I like it
DaluchiNigerian – IgboThank you God
DiekololaoluwaNigerian – YorubaGod’s blessing isn’t small.
DiseiinNigerian-IjawPeace and tranquility
DirimoebiNigerian-IjawBlack beauty or African beauty
DedeloliaNigerian-IjawMorning star
DabotaNigerian-IjawFather’s wife or father’s beloved
DataNigerian-Ijawdaddy’s girl
DijaArabicPremature baby
DeejahAustralian and GaelicGift of joy
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